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Welcome to Regional Veterinary Center

Welcome to Regional Veterinary Center

We are a two-campus, daytime-weekday veterinary practice located in Northwestern PA dedicated to affordable and friendly veterinary care for cats and dogs.

Regional Veterinary Center
Dog and cat sitting Dog and cat sitting Pediatrics, Adulthood, and Geriatrics

Excellence in Pet Wellness Care by Life-Stage: Pediatrics, Adulthood, and Geriatrics

Regional Veterinary Center optimizes your pet's health by focusing on the specific needs of each pet's Life-Stage: Pediatrics, Adulthood, and Geriatrics.

Pediatric Care focuses on puppy and kitten wellness. The medical and dental care decisions you make for your puppy and kitten have a major impact on their quality and length of life.

Adulthood Care focuses on wellness needs for pets in the prime of their life, the timeframe of which varies by species and breed. Dental health during adulthood is key to your loving pet's quality and length of life.

Geriatric Care focuses on early detection of diseases of aging and maintaining dental health. More frequent exams, screening, and dental care provide your pet the longest, healthiest, and happiest lifetime.

Kitten and puppy sitting Kitten and puppy sitting Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery

Excellence in Medical Care: Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery

Still, if they are, know that you are in excellent hands at Regional Veterinary Center. Dr. Scott Johns is one of our region's most experienced veterinary doctors and is known for his diagnostic skill and personalized care.

Dog and cat sitting Dog and cat sitting Dentistry

Excellence in Pet Dentistry: Enjoy Your Pets Great Smile

Our team is laser-focused on your pet's comprehensive dental health during every Life Stage: That's because every pet's overall health is deeply dependent upon their level of dental health.

Dr. Scott Johns completed over five years of advanced, post doctoral study in veterinary dentistry early in his career, and he has 30+ years of referral level clinical dental experience. He is the region's first and only veterinary doctor to provide the full range of preventive and advanced dental care for pets. We help you enjoy your pet's great smile for a lifetime!

New Client Applications

Regional Veterinary Center is welcoming new clients via application. Click here to request a new client application.