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An elderly dog getting a treat

Geriatrics Detecting and Treating Issues of Aging Before They Cause Symptoms

Maintaining wellness and dental care throughout your pet’s life stages—pediatric through adulthood—provides your loving pet with a solid foundation of health for the golden years. Regional Veterinary Center is focused on helping you provide your pet the longest, healthiest, and happiest lifetime through the critical strategy of early detection and treatment of the diseases of aging.

An old golden retriever laying on the floor

Geriatric Pet Exam

The geriatric exam is designed to detect health issues of aging before they become significant health threats or cause pain, so that they can be treated effectively. This ensures the best possible quality and length of life. In addition to the general physical exam, we evaluate your pet’s:

  • Teeth—Dental infection increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  • Heart—We evaluate heart sounds for arrhythmia and insufficiency.
  • Eyes—Cataracts are common, so we evaluate for glaucoma and uveitis caused by cataracts.
  • Body—Physical exam signs of arthritis are screened for, as well as those of hypothyroidism, cushing disease, and external tumors.

By detecting these, and myriad other health issues early, we can help your pet's senior years be as happy, comfortable, and as long as possible.

An older dog and cat sitting in a lap

Senior Pet Vaccinations

Prior pediatric and adulthood vaccination may provide your senior pet with a solid immunity. We will provide a customized vaccination plan that avoids over-vaccination and unnecessary vaccination.

Preventive Diagnostic Options

For those highly motivated to detect and treat diseases of aging before they become problematic, we have a full repertoire of optional, periodic, and preventive diagnostics available. In keeping with our philosophy of being health care providers—not up-selling salespeople—we provide these options comfortably and without pressure.

The Importance of Geriatric Dental Health to Longevity and Quality of Life

There is likely no other area of health that is more critical to a pet's overall geriatric quality and length of life than dental/oral health. Within our periodic geriatric exam, we focus on detecting dental disease, including but not limited to:

  • Bone infection around the tooth roots
  • Fractured teeth with abscessed roots
  • Precancerous and cancerous oral tumors

Early detection of issues leads to early treatment to resolve your pet’s dental health problems before they cause pain and illness.

Proper wellness care can help your senior pet live their golden years to their fullest. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat.