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A ginger cat sitting up looking alert

Request a New Client Application

Regional Veterinary Center is welcoming new clients and patients via application for those that:

  • Have well dogs or cats and permanently reside within our primary care service region of Erie County, PA.
  • Agree to and comply with our Terms of Service, which recognizes the dignity, health, and safety of our pet care team.
  • Note: Those applicants accepted will be eligible to transfer in their other pets, of any age, as new patients per our Terms of Service.
  • Note: All new patients must pass a behavioral screening to ensure the health and safety of our team. We will not compromise the safety of our team for pets that we deem unmanageable.

Request a new client application by filling in and submitting the web-form below (or call us: Millcreek Campus (814) 833-1504 or Fairview Campus (814) 474-1504). Application acceptance is contingent upon available openings, service region, case selection, and terms of service.